Real estate project
Dongfang Changda square

Dongfang · Changda Plaza is located in the west of innovation building and the north of Jiankang East Street in the high tech Zone. It is adjacent to No.15 intersection of Jiqing Expressway in the East, and to the south-east of Zhuhe scenic spot. In the north, it is a high-tech industrial park. It is adjacent to Shizhong District in the West. The efficient transportation network has been formed. It is a treasure land for development now and an area with concentrated office resources in the high-tech zone in the future. The total land for project planning With a total area of 31151 square meters, the net land area for construction is 18729 square meters. Three high-rise office buildings and one multi-storey business building are planned, including two high-rise buildings with 17 floors, one with 26 floors and one with 5 floors. The total planned building area is about 70000 square meters, and the total planned investment is 200 million yuan. After the completion of the project, the headquarters of Weifang Changda construction group and Weifang Tobacco Co., Ltd. settled in, becoming one of the large-scale comprehensive business office areas in the high-tech zone.