Real estate project
Taihe East
< br / >. The project covers a total area of 191 mu, with a total construction area of 352370 m2 and a floor area ratio of only 1.88. The overall planning includes 37 buildings, including small high-rise buildings, elevator houses, duplex houses, stacked villas and other formats. From flat floor with an area of 100-190 ㎡ to Deluxe duplex with an area of 260-320 ㎡, it can meet the different needs of all kinds of high-end people. &Taihe east county is adjacent to the government of Weifang High tech Zone, the core of new government affairs in the East, the centralized office of large enterprises such as Changda square, etc., and the group of people with high knowledge in the area gradually gathers. Close to the city's main road - health Street, close to the entrance of Qingdao Yinchuan expressway, the traffic is very convenient. In today's high-tech East, urban functions are becoming more and more mature, traffic is smooth without congestion, supporting facilities are perfect without noise, and life is leisurely and leisurely without rush. &Nbsp; the project has the best high-tech landscape resources - National 5A level scenic spot and zhuohe ecological wetland park. With a total investment of 650 million yuan, the high-tech zone is 9.2 kilometers long, with five major sectors of gold, wood, water, fire and soil, and beautiful scenery and environment. It's like a natural oxygen bar, where you can feel the shade of trees and the murmur of the river. It's a perfect place for leisure, walking, fitness and health preservation to walk, fish, sit still, feel the beauty of nature and give up the troubles and fatigue of work. &Taihe East County enjoys "kindergarten + primary school + middle school + high school" one-stop education. The resources of famous schools are at the door of the home. It is no longer necessary to drive to pick up and send children, which virtually saves the family expenses. The nine-year consistent school, separated from the first street of Taihe East County, is a school education base built by the Education Bureau of the high tech Zone, with about 70 classes in kindergarten, primary school and middle school. Zhiye kindergarten, high tech experimental school, new No. 1 middle school Only 2 km. The school is close, so that parents and children can easily sleep well, in order to better mental state, in the face of a day's study and work. &There are high tech people's Hospital, Weifang sunshine integration hospital around the project Medical facilities, Fuhua amusement park, water palace and other entertainment facilities, as well as large-scale comprehensive shopping malls: Gude square, Ginza mall, Jialejia golden horse shop, and one hundred thousand family blessings are all within the 10 minute life circle In the high-end residential area of Weifang, it not only has good supporting facilities, but also has a comfortable living atmosphere with high land. &Dongjun, Taihe County, bears more than 60 years of great craftsmanship of Changda and pays homage to the vigorous new city. Taihe East County, relying on the transformation of a region, only for the ideal living of a city.