Real estate project
Xinhua Plaza

The project is located in the center of Weifang City and is for commercial service. The plot is adjacent to Xinhua Road in the East and Fushou East Road in the south.
The project is planned to be a commercial apartment with 10 floors (main 3 & mdash; 10 floors, underground 1 floor), and 4 floors will exit the terrace
At the same time of meeting the needs of sunshine, it gives the outline of architectural changes, gives the project space dynamic, and makes the people who are active in the interior get space communication.  
&Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; people-oriented business philosophy, to create a high degree of leisure, entertainment and shopping environment. The transportation is convenient, the surrounding infrastructure is perfect, and the business is prosperous.
The total land area of this block is about 8042 square meters, and the net land area is 4244 square meters. The total construction area is 12025 square meters.
Won the 2012 Weifang construction site comprehensive management model project award.