Real estate project
Wolong new house

The total planning area of Wolong new house project is about twenty-three thousand two hundred and eighty-eight point nine four Square meters, net land area of 17753 square meters.
The land for the project is relatively flat and the site elevation difference is small. The development property of the plot is residential and commercial land. There are 6 buildings developed in the community, including 1 multi-storey building and 5 small high-rise buildings with 11 floors.
According to the owner's design requirements, a variety of housing types are considered, ranging from two rooms with an area of about 90 square meters to three rooms with an area of 135 square meters, so as to meet the diversified needs of households.
Wolong new house is based on the principle of people-oriented project, creates the residential behavior of people as the core, and combines planning with housing design
It presents a residential area with reasonable layout, perfect facilities, convenient life, favorable management, beautiful environment and the spirit of the times.